This summer’s lineup!

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

The stage is nearing completion and the dates are set.  This year’s festival will take place Tuesday 19th July to Saturday 23rd July. Stay tuned for the schedule!

The six productions in this year’s festival include:

Puss-In-Boots:   The traditional tale of a clever cat and his lucky master is brought to life by up and coming young actors.

Variations on the Death of Trotsky: With the help of his Mrs. Trotsky, Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky must come to terms with the mountain-climber’s axe that has mysteriously buried itself in the back of his skull.

Otzi:  A 5,300 year old man is found frozen in a glacier in the Alps.  This is why he went there.

Species Deviants, Repent!: Jerry has finally found a way to escape the constraints of life in the future, but will it cost him his humanity? And more importantly, what does his wife think?

Commedia dell’Arte: – Pantelone and the Dopple Gang: Fed up that Arlecchino cannot put an end to his daughter’s empoverished suitor, Pantelone fires his faithful servant and hires a newer, meaner Arlecchino to get the job done.

The Rental: A bitter woman on the run from her marriage rents a haunted room.


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