Photography by Bob Brooks

Sitting for a Conversation
Directed by Jo Russel
Written by Ron Kent
Actors: Ravan Bedinfield and Cassandra Porter

Cassandra Porter

Ravan Bedinfield and Cassandra Porter
The Shockingly Verbose Brain-Death of Jim Whipplestick
Directed by Kira Hall
Written by Chris Gamble
Actors: Natasha Bhogal, Diana Pelova, Jay Boast, Brendan Murphy, Scott Richardson and Stephen Walters
Scott RichardsonBrendan Murphy

Jay BoastNatasha Bhogal, Jay Boast and Scott Richardson

Diana Pelova

Commedia dell’Arte: Pantelone Gets a Wooden Coin
Directed by Chris Gamble
Actors: Elora Braden, Lindsay Debassige, Kirsten Gauthier, Arlene Morrison, Brendan Murphy, Tyler Properzi, Alex Sparling and Anika Sparling

Lindsay DebassigeArlene Morrison as Capitano

Elora Braden and Arlene Morrison

Elora Braden and Brendan Murphy,

Kirsten Gauthier

Alex Sparling

Tyler Properzi, Alex Sparling

Kirsten Gauthier

Elora Braden and Anika Sparling

Time Flies
Written by: David Ives
Actors: Jay Boast, Tennille Read and Natasha Bhogal

Natasha Bhogal as David Attenborough

Jay Boast

Natasha Bhogal

Jay Boast and Tennille Read


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